ePay Payments

Make your trustee payments electronically with ePay. Frequently asked questions are below. Further questions should be directed to epayquestions@lasvegas13.com.

ePay FAQs

Click here to reset your password or click here if you forgot your username. Please note that passwords are case sensitive. Passwords can also be changed in settings after you have logged in.

Your Online Payment ID is a unique number used to match your e-Pay account to your bankruptcy case. The Online Payment ID is a combination of your bankruptcy case number and the last four digits of your social security number. For example:

Case Number # is: BKS-14–12345-LBR
Social Security # is: 123-45-6789
Online Payment ID: 14123456789

The Routing and Accounts numbers are located on your checks. The Routing number is always a 9 digit number and to the left of your Account number. DO NOT look for these numbers on a deposit slip as the Routing number may be different from your Checking/Savings Routing number. If you are unable to find your Routing and Account numbers, please contact your bank for help.

At this time, payments cannot be made with a Debit Card. ePay payments must be made with a valid Checking or Savings account.

Accounts are temporarily locked due to three incorrect attempts at logging in. If your account has been locked because of an incorrect username or password, the system will reset the account after three hours or contact the Trustee to manually unlock the account.

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